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ILU Phar Lap IOCG Drilling Program Commenced salvation 17:02:02 41 asx ILU sharemarket discussion
VTX to enter the African Enterprise Market salvation 17:02:02 50 asx VTX sharemarket discussion
DCG ACQUISITION OF SC SERVICES salvation 17:02:02 54 asx DCG sharemarket discussion
NXR Cant believe nobody is talking about NXR JCitizen 17:02:02 89 asx NXR sharemarket discussion
WCN Drilling intersects Bonanza Gold grades at Au Tulipmania 17:02:01 54 asx WCN sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  GBPUSD Targets Further Bullish Corrective Rec FXTechstrategy Tea... 16:40:58 19 discuss asx General stock
Humour Dr Geezer n Old Geezer Green Hornet 15:47:53 38 asx Humour sharemarket discussion
RYG A Focus on the Story ... Freehold 13:21:37 143 asx RYG stockmarket discussion
AMP Bullish technical indication sfnssie 12:52:23 25 discuss asx AMP stock
IBC div.declared salvation 12:11:45 24 discuss asx IBC stock
General This post has an attachment  Yet another new Comex record Ainslie Bullion 11:43:51 40 asx General sharemarket discussion
GER NCF is self funding ..... Paris conference barny1953 11:23:50 30 discuss asx GER stock
NOR Expands Consumer Communication Platform mike10 10:33:27 28 discuss asx NOR stock
RYG RAYA EXERCISES RIGHT TO ACQUIRE “IOT” COM mike10 10:20:55 28 discuss asx RYG stock
MDR Medication adherence platform, MedAdvisor, li Tulipmania 10:07:53 45 asx MDR sharemarket discussion
ADO 1 + 1 = 3/4. How to destroy MC swami2 09:42:12 75 asx ADO sharemarket discussion
MDR Sigma Tulipmania 09:35:30 23 discuss asx MDR stock
MNM China success / la jolla / fortrend JACKexCEO 09:10:45 242 asx MNM forum
General Global warming Green Hornet 30-11-2015 332 discuss asx General stock
LNC Something is up Green Hornet 30-11-2015 303 asx LNC stockmarket discussion
MTS 2016 Half Year Results salvation 30-11-2015 106 asx MTS sharemarket discussion
VMT NEW AUSTRALIAN ONLINE SALES PLATFORM salvation 30-11-2015 100 asx VMT sharemarket discussion
AMP Board changes salvation 30-11-2015 87 asx AMP sharemarket discussion
TON New sp low for the year but good news coming. fuzzywuzzy 30-11-2015 55 asx TON forum
Superannuation Morrison says to forget about relying on the salvation 30-11-2015 106 asx Superannuation stockmarket discussion
Economic News Capex survey shows growth, but not as we know salvation 30-11-2015 40 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Humour Bazza went shopping mogga 30-11-2015 60 asx Humour stockmarket discussion
ISX latest ann. salvation 30-11-2015 130 asx ISX stockmarket discussion
IQE COMPLETES ACQUISITION OFNEW ZEALAND INSTITUTE salvation 30-11-2015 41 asx IQE sharemarket discussion
MCR management changes salvation 30-11-2015 31 discuss asx MCR stock
General new presentation (DSX) salvation 30-11-2015 26 discuss asx General stock
RYG Breakout mike10 30-11-2015 53 asx RYG sharemarket discussion
IQE Finances Sound, Despite Share-Price Slump salvation 30-11-2015 53 asx IQE sharemarket discussion
NAG Acid Sulphate Soils pseudonymX 30-11-2015 56 asx NAG sharemarket discussion
General The History And Future Of Volkswagen daytradeprofit 30-11-2015 31 discuss asx General stock
AVH Annual General Meeting windshift 30-11-2015 30 discuss asx AVH stock
DSH Non-cash adjustment following inventory revie salvation 30-11-2015 151 asx DSH stockmarket discussion
BHP Brazil Plans Suit On Dam Breach, Toxins In Ri salvation 30-11-2015 43 asx BHP sharemarket discussion
Charting Shorting opportunities - week of 30-Nov-2015 Avalanche_33 30-11-2015 81 asx Charting sharemarket discussion
Charting Bullish opportunities - week of 30-Nov-2015 Avalanche_33 30-11-2015 81 asx Charting sharemarket discussion
Gas Oil Jobs Lost 250,000 And Counting salvation 29-11-2015 79 asx Gas sharemarket discussion
Economic News Investor Signposts salvation 29-11-2015 81 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones Why theres a huge downside risk for US stock salvation 29-11-2015 121 asx Dow Jones stockmarket discussion
Investing why exactly are IT investors so utterly cluel salvation 29-11-2015 778 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones What Effects will the Fed Rate Hike have? Whispers 29-11-2015 406 discuss asx Dow Jones stock
Social Sunday Sacred 29/11/2015 Recklyn 29-11-2015 198 asx Social stockmarket discussion
TLS 26,000 Telstra Cisco boxen open to device hij salvation 29-11-2015 77 asx TLS sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  USDCAD Ended The Week Slightly Higher FXTechstrategy Tea... 29-11-2015 64 asx General sharemarket discussion
Technology Outsourcer didnt press ON switch salvation 29-11-2015 114 asx Technology sharemarket discussion
General AUSTRALIA POST GETS GO AHEAD FOR $1 STAMPS salvation 29-11-2015 179 asx General stockmarket discussion
Economic News Masters of the Finance Universe Are Worried salvation 29-11-2015 72 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
General Bittersweet moment Electrolux honours employ salvation 29-11-2015 115 asx General sharemarket discussion
CTP Real Meaning of Words "Crying Shame" royaltyguy 29-11-2015 1044 discuss asx CTP stock
CTP CTP 50c Soon ! Wow - Shareholders Happy? royaltyguy 29-11-2015 916 asx CTP sharemarket discussion
BHP Calls for blood are not far away salvation 29-11-2015 87 asx BHP sharemarket discussion
TON The natives are getting restless. fuzzywuzzy 28-11-2015 237 asx TON forum
Gold Half of Gold Output May Not Be ‘Viable’ salvation 28-11-2015 187 asx Gold stockmarket discussion
RFX New battery due December. hoonose 28-11-2015 147 asx RFX sharemarket discussion
Economic News Singapore Banks Face Risk salvation 28-11-2015 79 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 28/11/2015 Recklyn 28-11-2015 77 asx Security sharemarket discussion
RIO $2.6b bauxite project to help regional Qld salvation 28-11-2015 200 asx RIO stockmarket discussion
DGX $52m RIVERWOOD APARTMENTS CONTRACT salvation 27-11-2015 185 asx DGX sharemarket discussion
CCL to axe 260 jobs salvation 27-11-2015 226 asx CCL sharemarket discussion
TON An ode to TON fuzzywuzzy 27-11-2015 130 asx TON forum
Friday Night Parables lachlan 27-11-2015 1019 asx Friday Night forum
Humour Troubling times mogga 27-11-2015 179 asx Humour stockmarket discussion
XAO broker watch salvation 27-11-2015 189 asx XAO sharemarket discussion
ALQ underlying profit down 7.6% salvation 27-11-2015 223 asx ALQ sharemarket discussion
SKI Overpaying fear on Transgrid prompts sell c salvation 27-11-2015 209 asx SKI sharemarket discussion
XFJ Barclays Fined $109 Million for Risk Failings salvation 27-11-2015 212 asx XFJ sharemarket discussion
XEJ Japan Light Bulb Efficiency Push salvation 27-11-2015 186 asx XEJ sharemarket discussion
LNC So typical of the DEHP and ABC-Court Hearing Green Hornet 27-11-2015 445 asx LNC stockmarket discussion
Gold This post has an attachment  GOLD Eyes More Bear Pressure, Targets 1064.2 FXTechstrategy Tea... 27-11-2015 59 asx Gold sharemarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 27/11/2015 Recklyn 27-11-2015 62 asx Security sharemarket discussion
SRX Technical breakout sfnssie 27-11-2015 53 asx SRX sharemarket discussion
ACU SIGNS “OPERATION SUPPORT OUR TROOPS - AMERI mike10 27-11-2015 77 asx ACU sharemarket discussion
ISX Canaccord report on ISX Green Hornet 27-11-2015 71 asx ISX sharemarket discussion
NAG Money Pit too good to PASS up mogga 27-11-2015 1772 asx NAG forum
Short Term Trading STT 27/11/15 Friday telamelo 27-11-2015 194 asx Short Term Trading stockmarket discussion
SYI Rebalancing portfolio salvation 27-11-2015 50 asx SYI sharemarket discussion
SGO trading halt - capital raise salvation 27-11-2015 49 asx SGO sharemarket discussion
WOW No decision on Masters until new year salvation 27-11-2015 119 asx WOW sharemarket discussion
FPA div. and profit rises salvation 27-11-2015 117 asx FPA stockmarket discussion
Economic News U.K. Migration at Record High salvation 27-11-2015 58 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
General Oops all my Prestige is gone! Whispers 27-11-2015 342 asx General stockmarket discussion
US Dollar US jobless claims tumble salvation 27-11-2015 77 asx US Dollar sharemarket discussion
General selective memory salvation 27-11-2015 73 asx General sharemarket discussion
CTP Central and Morgans network interview thegovernor 27-11-2015 375 asx CTP stockmarket discussion
General Xi Decries Islamic State Execution salvation 27-11-2015 73 asx General sharemarket discussion
Platforms New Class Action Suit Over Swaps Trading salvation 26-11-2015 74 asx Platforms sharemarket discussion
Forex Trading Choosing a Software Program to Trade Forex forexball 26-11-2015 82 asx Forex Trading sharemarket discussion
AWD VONEX RANKS 12TH IN FAST 50 mike10 26-11-2015 133 asx AWD sharemarket discussion
AXT update on VOS#1 well overdue swami2 26-11-2015 121 asx AXT sharemarket discussion
Property Classic Ponzi scheme Sydney house prices c salvation 26-11-2015 154 asx Property sharemarket discussion
Gas Ukraine closes airspace to all Russian planes salvation 26-11-2015 123 asx Gas sharemarket discussion
WOW recovery will take time Cairns salvation 26-11-2015 67 asx WOW sharemarket discussion
Economic News Investment remains a drag on growth salvation 26-11-2015 52 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
TON Destined to fail? fuzzywuzzy 26-11-2015 113 asx TON forum
MPJ 7% Ni gvenso 26-11-2015 68 asx MPJ stockmarket discussion
Gold This post has an attachment  Is the gold leverage game nearly up? Ainslie Bullion 26-11-2015 50 asx Gold stockmarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 26/11/2015 Recklyn 26-11-2015 48 asx Security sharemarket discussion
A2M I think A2M is worth buying now chwanyoung 26-11-2015 366 asx A2M stockmarket discussion
IPOs McGrath Realestate porpyq 26-11-2015 79 asx IPOs sharemarket discussion
RNT Hits 40 today mike10 26-11-2015 147 asx RNT stockmarket discussion
POK POK to "BUDDY HOLDINGS LIMITED" JCitizen 26-11-2015 74 asx POK sharemarket discussion
Short Term Trading STT 26/11/15 Thursday telamelo 26-11-2015 268 asx Short Term Trading forum
Economic News Business investment still in decline salvation 26-11-2015 141 asx Economic News stockmarket discussion
CTP Looking for an entry for next leg up. rbgmauq 26-11-2015 114 asx CTP sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  NZDUSD Targets Further Strength On Correction FXTechstrategy Tea... 25-11-2015 81 asx General sharemarket discussion
Natural Gas Russias Gazprom halts gas to Ukraine salvation 25-11-2015 89 asx Natural Gas sharemarket discussion
FAR Bluedog on hc adamgus 25-11-2015 191 asx FAR stockmarket discussion
Platforms Chinas biggest brokerage Citic in $166bn err salvation 25-11-2015 84 asx Platforms sharemarket discussion
AAI Scaffolder dies after WA refinery fall salvation 25-11-2015 85 asx AAI sharemarket discussion
LYL change of managing director salvation 25-11-2015 119 asx LYL sharemarket discussion
Coal N.I.M.B.Y. ??? salvation 25-11-2015 84 asx Coal sharemarket discussion
MNM & ESI Discussion Nice update AtlantiGold 25-11-2015 1469 asx MNM & ESI Discussion sharemarket discussion
TLS Telstra Super backs property manager salvation 25-11-2015 103 asx TLS sharemarket discussion
Economic News This post has an attachment  If China killed the commodities boom, the Fed salvation 25-11-2015 78 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Economic News Aussies not working hard enough to grow econ salvation 25-11-2015 73 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
General BIG Trouble Coming with Federal Budget jdbosshog 25-11-2015 176 asx General stockmarket discussion
SKI Aust-led group wins NSW power lease salvation 25-11-2015 112 asx SKI sharemarket discussion
RCG Strong sales give RCG a kick along salvation 25-11-2015 51 asx RCG sharemarket discussion
WOW urged to rethink pokies rally salvation 25-11-2015 138 asx WOW stockmarket discussion
HVN will welcome Syrian refugees salvation 25-11-2015 47 asx HVN sharemarket discussion
PAC TO PAY OFF ACQUISITION DEBT salvation 25-11-2015 48 asx PAC sharemarket discussion
MVP License porpyq 25-11-2015 84 asx MVP sharemarket discussion
TNE div. declared salvation 25-11-2015 84 asx TNE sharemarket discussion
JYC results of AGM salvation 25-11-2015 38 discuss asx JYC stock
CAJ Is anyone buying ? porpyq 25-11-2015 263 asx CAJ forum
CTP NEGI Based on Hope Only -Energy News 25/11/15 royaltyguy 25-11-2015 2063 asx CTP forum
Security Product Recalls 25/11/2015 Recklyn 25-11-2015 41 asx Security sharemarket discussion
SRX Heads up!! Fresh new highs - Sirtex Medical Avalanche_33 25-11-2015 324 asx SRX stockmarket discussion
Silver This post has an attachment  12th Year of Silver Supply Deficits Ainslie Bullion 25-11-2015 74 asx Silver sharemarket discussion
RFN Australia’s largest McDonald’s franchisee mike10 25-11-2015 83 asx RFN sharemarket discussion
NAG Nagambie Resourses Limited pseudonymX 25-11-2015 531 discuss asx NAG stock
LNC Oil Price and where its going Jonas434 25-11-2015 138 asx LNC sharemarket discussion
CDD trading halt salvation 25-11-2015 98 asx CDD sharemarket discussion
Short Term Trading STT 25/11/15 Wednesday telamelo 25-11-2015 443 discuss asx Short Term Trading stock
XAO Aristocrat results salvation 25-11-2015 43 asx XAO sharemarket discussion
RCM morphing into IT services salvation 25-11-2015 38 discuss asx RCM stock
General JFK assassination Woman sues for return of f salvation 25-11-2015 51 asx General sharemarket discussion
Crude Oil Singapore Oil Borrowers Seek More Slack salvation 25-11-2015 55 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
XJO This post has an attachment  XJO - Timing is Everything! 2nd Continuation Whispers 25-11-2015 543 discuss asx XJO stock
Dow Jones US economic growth revised up to 2.1% salvation 25-11-2015 83 asx Dow Jones stockmarket discussion
QAU This post has an attachment  Falling price of gold? Consider shorting QAU Avalanche_33 24-11-2015 69 asx QAU sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  USDJPY Remains Weak And Vulnerable On Correct FXTechstrategy Tea... 24-11-2015 74 asx General sharemarket discussion
SMSF Tax rich old men, restrict wealthy pumping pr salvation 24-11-2015 86 asx SMSF sharemarket discussion
LNC good article which mentions linc on UCG voyzee 24-11-2015 877 asx LNC stock forum
HVN avoids spill motion at annual general meeting salvation 24-11-2015 143 asx HVN forum
IPH trading halt salvation 24-11-2015 140 asx IPH sharemarket discussion
General trading halt (DSX) salvation 24-11-2015 133 asx General sharemarket discussion
CAE next tech shell has billionaire backing sandune 24-11-2015 140 asx CAE stockmarket discussion
CMI Capital Return update salvation 24-11-2015 115 asx CMI sharemarket discussion
NSL 5,000 TONNE+55%FE LUMP PURCHASE ORDERRECEIVED salvation 24-11-2015 130 asx NSL sharemarket discussion
SVW appoints Annabelle Chaplain as Director salvation 24-11-2015 128 asx SVW sharemarket discussion
AOU Sale of Manica Gold Project salvation 24-11-2015 129 asx AOU sharemarket discussion
TCL trading halt salvation 24-11-2015 135 asx TCL sharemarket discussion
NAB Aims to Overtake AMP With Nippon Venture salvation 24-11-2015 160 asx NAB sharemarket discussion
IMF CASE UPDATE – VOCATION LIMITED (“VOCATION salvation 24-11-2015 128 asx IMF sharemarket discussion
CDU best thing that happened to cdu sandune 24-11-2015 73 asx CDU sharemarket discussion
asx share trading advice
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