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Saturday Night Some Formula for the BIG Babies. SIXPAC 06-02-2016 57 asx Saturday Night sharemarket discussion
DCC Blockchain and how it will change everything maxe 06-02-2016 58 asx DCC sharemarket discussion
SLK hit a new 52-week high bladerunner 06-02-2016 50 asx SLK sharemarket discussion
Investing Whisky funding scheme bladerunner 06-02-2016 78 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
MPO Buddy134 swami2 06-02-2016 110 asx MPO sharemarket discussion
TCL Apparent windfall bladerunner 06-02-2016 93 asx TCL sharemarket discussion
Climate East Antarctic Ice Sheet is Melting, still SIXPAC 06-02-2016 74 asx Climate sharemarket discussion
Economic News Treasurer Morrison- a.k.a ScoMo SIXPAC 06-02-2016 41 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones This post has an attachment  DJIA - The Winds of Change Whispers 06-02-2016 45 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
Support BELLAMYS AUSTRALIA code KAPUT! SIXPAC 06-02-2016 97 asx Support stockmarket discussion
PWN Looks like a Breakout? bladerunner 06-02-2016 51 asx PWN sharemarket discussion
NAG Diversified NAGs - Not all about PASS Mickle 06-02-2016 95 asx NAG forum
General From Horse Power to Horsepower bladerunner 06-02-2016 82 asx General stockmarket discussion
Climate Misleading, inaccurate and in breach of Paris SIXPAC 06-02-2016 84 asx Climate stockmarket discussion
CYP Watch for breakout sfnssie 06-02-2016 63 asx CYP stockmarket discussion
Dow Jones broad US technology share selloff salvation 06-02-2016 30 discuss asx Dow Jones stock
Dow Jones as they finished 6/2/2016 salvation 06-02-2016 33 discuss asx Dow Jones stock
Uranium only in Japan salvation 05-02-2016 72 asx Uranium sharemarket discussion
Crude Oil Obama to help US economy salvation 05-02-2016 74 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
Friday Night The Sabionari - Made in 1679 SIXPAC 05-02-2016 120 asx Friday Night sharemarket discussion
WOW ordered to pay $3 million penalty for selling salvation 05-02-2016 96 asx WOW sharemarket discussion
AJM Smoke at the station RomanN 05-02-2016 132 asx AJM sharemarket discussion
Humour The TPP protester SIXPAC 05-02-2016 35 discuss asx Humour stock
RNT -- Sorry, not convinced. swami2 05-02-2016 105 asx RNT sharemarket discussion
CDU a rights issue salvation 05-02-2016 101 asx CDU stockmarket discussion
CYP firing up today.. up 12.68%! telamelo 05-02-2016 97 asx CYP stockmarket discussion
MEL Technical breakout sfnssie 05-02-2016 73 asx MEL sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones The Dow Jones Global Indexes Trendline 05-02-2016 52 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
General Teslas Gigafactory What Did The Joker Say bladerunner 05-02-2016 107 asx General stockmarket discussion
MEL Buy Back starts. swami2 05-02-2016 44 asx MEL sharemarket discussion
CZZ Last day to buy in before the results Monday Hellraiser 05-02-2016 100 asx CZZ sharemarket discussion
BLK Go You Good Thing dumpstar 05-02-2016 171 asx BLK forum
Commodities Tesla - Battery Raw Materials Supply bladerunner 05-02-2016 1288 asx Commodities forum
Gold This post has an attachment  Safe in the Green Zone Ainslie Bullion 05-02-2016 49 asx Gold sharemarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 05/02/2016 Recklyn 05-02-2016 30 discuss asx Security stock
CTP Most interesting pilots 05-02-2016 247 asx CTP stockmarket discussion
TON Bring back B Boyle and satisfy the Boliebers fuzzywuzzy 05-02-2016 114 asx TON forum
Crude Oil Shell shares up as it confirms 10,000 job cut salvation 05-02-2016 69 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
Economic News Bank of England cuts growth forecast salvation 05-02-2016 71 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
USD JPY Forex This post has an attachment  How Usdjpy is the Answers to world economic p daytradeprofit 04-02-2016 69 asx USD JPY Forex sharemarket discussion
Humour Its been so hot in my Office Recklyn 04-02-2016 114 asx Humour stockmarket discussion
Investing Getting the best price at Open Recklyn 04-02-2016 43 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
TAH results highlights salvation 04-02-2016 97 asx TAH sharemarket discussion
TON Should I invest in the worst g stock TON fuzzywuzzy 04-02-2016 56 asx TON forum
CTP NSW PREMIER DEPENDING ON NEGI Prato 04-02-2016 56 asx CTP sharemarket discussion
MNM section 708 Sliced Bread 04-02-2016 51 asx MNM sharemarket discussion
Info Tech Home Batteries, the Holy Grail of Renewables. SIXPAC 04-02-2016 353 asx Info Tech stock forum
SSM Awarded contract - Nokia bladerunner 04-02-2016 41 asx SSM sharemarket discussion
Security SSO Scanned Document Email Spreading Malware Recklyn 04-02-2016 106 asx Security stockmarket discussion
ESI Moving away from electricity generation AtlantiGold 04-02-2016 1372 discuss asx ESI stock
TON What happened to the bear? fuzzywuzzy 04-02-2016 164 asx TON forum
Economic News Is It Time To Panic About Deutsche Bank? bladerunner 04-02-2016 946 asx Economic News stockmarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 04/02/2016 Recklyn 04-02-2016 36 asx Security sharemarket discussion
PRG update salvation 04-02-2016 395 asx PRG forum
General This post has an attachment  http// FXTechstrategy Tea... 04-02-2016 31 discuss asx General stock
HZR Way up sfnssie 04-02-2016 29 discuss asx HZR stock
NAG pass fill site pics ken_45 04-02-2016 56 asx NAG stockmarket discussion
SYR What To Expect Out Of Graphite In 2016 bladerunner 04-02-2016 25 discuss asx SYR stock
General Zika virus spread by having NOOKIES. SIXPAC 04-02-2016 146 asx General forum
MQG Time to buy? porpyq 04-02-2016 86 asx MQG sharemarket discussion
Silver 2016 Silver Market Trends Ainslie Bullion 04-02-2016 37 asx Silver sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones as they finished 4/2/2016 salvation 04-02-2016 55 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
AGK Review and closure of gas assets swami2 04-02-2016 78 asx AGK stockmarket discussion
BYR Wow article could send so up raco 03-02-2016 42 asx BYR sharemarket discussion
US Dollar 19/2/2016 jdbosshog 03-02-2016 35 discuss asx US Dollar stock
Gold Persistence Vs Resistance jdbosshog 03-02-2016 36 discuss asx Gold stock
BWX Three Stocks Poised to be the next Blackmores bladerunner 03-02-2016 122 asx BWX sharemarket discussion
AZY Trading Halt - North Telfer Project Ann RomanN 03-02-2016 150 asx AZY stockmarket discussion
CIM Hochtief Admits to Insider Trading Weeks Befo salvation 03-02-2016 98 asx CIM sharemarket discussion
DM1 Directors are delivering the goods JLG 03-02-2016 118 asx DM1 sharemarket discussion
LCT Announcement Green Hornet 03-02-2016 64 asx LCT sharemarket discussion
Security Product Recalls 03/02/2016 - the usual Recklyn 03-02-2016 25 discuss asx Security stock
General What do you do when in May you go away? Whispers 03-02-2016 99 asx General stockmarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  USDJPY Sells Off On Loss Of Upside Momentum FXTechstrategy Tea... 03-02-2016 30 discuss asx General stock
Gold Gold bottom charting Goldstalker 03-02-2016 43 asx Gold sharemarket discussion
PEN New trend sfnssie 03-02-2016 53 asx PEN sharemarket discussion
CXO identifies lithium potential of NT pegmatit bladerunner 03-02-2016 83 asx CXO stockmarket discussion
VTM VTM spare me! swami2 03-02-2016 78 asx VTM sharemarket discussion
PEN Lance Projects Expansion Application Accepted olympic city 03-02-2016 52 asx PEN sharemarket discussion
VMT market update salvation 03-02-2016 71 asx VMT sharemarket discussion
TON And still the kings of spin Triton presso fuzzywuzzy 03-02-2016 57 asx TON sharemarket discussion
Crude Oil Warren Buffett Has Started Buying Oil Stocks STD 03-02-2016 43 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
RIE Interest is building.. Hottotrot 03-02-2016 28 discuss asx RIE stock
RFX Redflow hits local media. hoonose 03-02-2016 107 asx RFX stockmarket discussion
RFX ????? salvation 03-02-2016 180 asx RFX stockmarket discussion
CDU pictorial update salvation 03-02-2016 77 asx CDU stockmarket discussion
Economic News Money v “Money” Ainslie Bullion 03-02-2016 37 discuss asx Economic News stock
BHP up down she goes salvation 03-02-2016 224 asx BHP forum
HZR Whats up raco 03-02-2016 134 asx HZR stockmarket discussion
MXC Next Medical Cannabis on the ASX JLG 03-02-2016 51 asx MXC sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  EURUSD Looks To Test Is Falling Trendline FXTechstrategy Tea... 03-02-2016 58 asx General sharemarket discussion
CTP CTP ROCKS! Prato 02-02-2016 651 discuss asx CTP stock
MNM Montreal screw job for mantle holders JACKexCEO 02-02-2016 183 asx MNM stockmarket discussion
Security SSO - Fake AFP Traffic Infringement Notices Recklyn 02-02-2016 65 asx Security sharemarket discussion
SAU Still under the radar Gordon_123 02-02-2016 52 asx SAU sharemarket discussion
BFC Closed supply chain key to clean, green food bladerunner 02-02-2016 123 asx BFC sharemarket discussion
MMJ Bit of a Rise Stanster 02-02-2016 34 discuss asx MMJ stock
NAG Fishermens Bend Developer gets The PASS Mickle 02-02-2016 2439 asx NAG forum
General Chinese beef buyers come knocking bladerunner 02-02-2016 44 asx General sharemarket discussion
General ASX IPO ... any suggestions? luoqi719 02-02-2016 42 asx General sharemarket discussion
NAG quarterly out, sp going south. all opinions w ken_45 02-02-2016 229 asx NAG forum
MTM Acquisition Focus Fisheries Pty Ltd bladerunner 02-02-2016 300 asx MTM forum
ADV Short termers. The One WIth Brain... 02-02-2016 44 asx ADV sharemarket discussion
Economic News Rothschild visionary or manipulator? Wacker 02-02-2016 48 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
ESI top 40 per chop allin 02-02-2016 56 asx ESI sharemarket discussion
ADO Philips POC ramping up swami2 02-02-2016 61 asx ADO sharemarket discussion
KNO Bullish technical indication sfnssie 02-02-2016 37 discuss asx KNO stock
MKB Ann Chairmans Quarterly Review & Appendix 4 swami2 02-02-2016 95 asx MKB stockmarket discussion
RIE Buyer starting to see the potential ... Hottotrot 02-02-2016 41 asx RIE sharemarket discussion
NMT Chinese take another 80,000 tonne`s Bowwie 02-02-2016 42 asx NMT sharemarket discussion
Economic News This post has an attachment  Shooting Out of Control Ainslie Bullion 02-02-2016 59 asx Economic News forum
Security Product Recalls 02/02/2016 Recklyn 02-02-2016 32 discuss asx Security stock
TND Israeli facial recognition company sandune 02-02-2016 139 asx TND stockmarket discussion
BHP STANDARD & POOR’S REVIEW salvation 02-02-2016 40 asx BHP sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones as they finished 2/2/2016 salvation 02-02-2016 63 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
US Dollar Inside the Feds `D-Day War Games salvation 02-02-2016 175 asx US Dollar stockmarket discussion
TPP 3 yr highs on the chart.. still going strong telamelo 01-02-2016 68 asx TPP sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  EURJPY Sees Bull Pressure But With Caution FXTechstrategy Tea... 01-02-2016 63 asx General sharemarket discussion
PLS RESOURCE HITS 80.2MT AS 54% UPGRADE mike10 01-02-2016 176 asx PLS sharemarket discussion
General China court fines OSI, jails employees over f salvation 01-02-2016 66 asx General sharemarket discussion
MGC Murray Goulburn Wins Coles Cheese Supply Cont bladerunner 01-02-2016 137 asx MGC sharemarket discussion
DCG DECMIL EXPANDS CIVIL CAPABILITY salvation 01-02-2016 130 asx DCG sharemarket discussion
Security SSO - Firefox Update Recklyn 01-02-2016 85 asx Security sharemarket discussion
DKO Lithium Projects - WA bladerunner 01-02-2016 91 asx DKO sharemarket discussion
VXL tries to raise capital to survive bladerunner 01-02-2016 255 asx VXL stockmarket discussion
Investing Barclays to pay $70m US dark pool trading fin salvation 01-02-2016 76 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
CDU when will CDU re list sandune 01-02-2016 396 asx CDU stock forum
General New anthem for the ASX. Tulipmania 01-02-2016 125 asx General forum
NWH CEO revised Remuneration Package Tulipmania 01-02-2016 96 asx NWH forum
Economic News THIS IS IT. COLLAPSE IS HERE. -- BILL HOLTER Wacker 01-02-2016 77 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
Gold Sell zone gvenso 01-02-2016 537 asx Gold stock forum
General This post has an attachment  GOLD Looks To Build Up On Recovery Strength A FXTechstrategy Tea... 01-02-2016 37 asx General sharemarket discussion
SMA Perhaps SMA reads Topstocks? Rockhopper 01-02-2016 45 asx SMA sharemarket discussion
OTC Bullish indication sfnssie 01-02-2016 81 asx OTC stockmarket discussion
General BQT SOLUTIONS SIGNS AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAN salvation 01-02-2016 32 discuss asx General stock
Humour Bald people. SIXPAC 01-02-2016 73 asx Humour stockmarket discussion
ZIP This post has an attachment  Zip Quaterly Review.. Out Now! MLF 01-02-2016 114 asx ZIP stockmarket discussion
ZIP This post has an attachment  Zip Quaterly Review.. Out Now! MLF 01-02-2016 39 discuss asx ZIP stock
OTC EARNINGS GUIDANCE salvation 01-02-2016 32 discuss asx OTC stock
Humour Old Butch Green Hornet 01-02-2016 75 asx Humour sharemarket discussion
Gold This post has an attachment  Negative Nonsense Ainslie Bullion 01-02-2016 49 asx Gold sharemarket discussion
PEN NYSE MKT Listing Update olympic city 01-02-2016 48 asx PEN stockmarket discussion
WPL UPDATE ON WHEATSTONE SCHEDULE salvation 01-02-2016 35 discuss asx WPL stock
WOW Woolworths plans to heat up liquor sales with salvation 01-02-2016 55 asx WOW sharemarket discussion
PEN Uranium prices to remain low amid oversupply hc orphan 01-02-2016 55 asx PEN sharemarket discussion
XFJ HSBC to freeze global pay in 2016 salvation 01-02-2016 71 asx XFJ sharemarket discussion
General This post has an attachment  EURUSD Eyes Key Support At The 1.0710 Level FXTechstrategy Tea... 01-02-2016 60 asx General sharemarket discussion
Investing Why cashing in now is a bad investment move salvation 31-01-2016 88 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
XAO Stock market chaos will end with a bump salvation 31-01-2016 105 asx XAO sharemarket discussion
Investing Infrastructure stocks to cash in on big-city salvation 31-01-2016 91 asx Investing forum
IPOs IPOs to Watch in 2016 salvation 31-01-2016 160 asx IPOs sharemarket discussion
BHP BHP, Rio, Fortescue get lucky as Cyclone Stan salvation 31-01-2016 123 asx BHP sharemarket discussion
Climate The Hottest day on record SIXPAC 31-01-2016 232 asx Climate forum
XAO Central banks, China dominate week ahead salvation 31-01-2016 115 asx XAO sharemarket discussion
EUR YEN Forex Hedge funds thought they had the yen worked o salvation 31-01-2016 113 asx EUR YEN Forex sharemarket discussion
BKT February is the month. The One WIth Brain... 31-01-2016 182 asx BKT stockmarket discussion
AYC Quarterly Activities Report trader10 31-01-2016 221 asx AYC sharemarket discussion
SGH Slater & Gordon forced into debt restructur salvation 31-01-2016 133 asx SGH forum
ADV No news but SP increases The One WIth Brain... 31-01-2016 179 asx ADV stockmarket discussion
Crude Oil Contango Bet - Glencore bladerunner 31-01-2016 61 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
Economic News BusinessDay Economic Survey US Federal Reser salvation 31-01-2016 45 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
XEJ Tesla Batteries Charge Into Aussie Energy Mar salvation 31-01-2016 231 asx XEJ stockmarket discussion
Social Sunday Sacred 31/01/2016 Recklyn 31-01-2016 183 asx Social sharemarket discussion
Investing Astrology and numerology rule markets, ok, Ju salvation 31-01-2016 53 asx Investing sharemarket discussion
Natural Gas Chevron expects Gorgon to start shipments salvation 31-01-2016 59 asx Natural Gas sharemarket discussion
MNS Battery Testing. Squillion 31-01-2016 3384 asx MNS forum
Economic News This post has an attachment  (yawn) Greece again salvation 31-01-2016 47 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
DMP TAX TOKE Boom in PIZZA sales nearer ?????? SIXPAC 31-01-2016 223 asx DMP stockmarket discussion
General Putin resurrects Stalin hoonose 31-01-2016 2093 asx General forum
TND Major Acquisition sandune 31-01-2016 49 asx TND sharemarket discussion
Dow Jones Berkshire resumes buying Phillips 66 stock salvation 31-01-2016 49 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
Economic News Eurozone inflation increases to 0.4% salvation 31-01-2016 38 discuss asx Economic News stock
Dow Jones Xerox to split into two companies salvation 31-01-2016 56 asx Dow Jones sharemarket discussion
Crude Oil Chevron first quarterly loss since 2002 salvation 31-01-2016 53 asx Crude Oil sharemarket discussion
Economic News US GDP Americas economic growth cools salvation 31-01-2016 53 asx Economic News sharemarket discussion
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