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Position Trading

Daryl Guppy
Guppy Traders
Daryl's Bio
Daryl Guppy is founder and Director of Pty Ltd. He is an active private position trader trading equities and associated derivatives markets. His most recent book is The 36 Strategies of the Chinese For Financial Traders. He is the author of several books including Share Trading and Trading Tactics and Bear Trading and Chart Trading and Trading Asian Shares and Market Trading Tactics and Better Trading and Better Stock Trading.

General Advice From Daryl

Position Trading


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DOW Head and Shoulder pattern

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GMMA in Metastock

Questions to Daryl

From TopStocks Members

Long Term Investment for qrowth and income
Q. Would long term investing for growth and income work in today's volatile markets using margin lending and warren buffet style fundamentals.

Wasteland medical systems
Q. Hi Daryl it's Tom I hold a large holding in ems with pending news imminent,can you tell me anything about this stock cheers tom

opinion about Bounty oil (BUY)
Q. Hi Daryl, if you have time let me know what you think about Bounty oil (BUY) ASX stock, short and long term, thanks bro.

Fairstar resources
Q. HI Daryl, just want your opinion on FAS its a resource junior with potential, I hold some shares and I'm thinking of buying some more at these low prices. I know the company is working on funding relief, but sometimes I wonder if that is even legitimate.

Thank you......

Non Resident Australian Citizen
Q. Hi Daryl,
I will become a non resident Australian in sept moving to Germany. I currently have a portfolio of Aust shares, most of which I receive a dividend. Can I continue to trade on the ASX (using comsec)and keep my shares? Do I need to fill out a tax return every year because I receive income from these shares (dividends)?
Thanks John

Dow Jones Support/Reversal on the daily chart
Q. Hi Daryl,

would you classify the candle stick pattern for the most recent Dow Jones Industrial Average daily data (23 May) as a "Hammer" or "Hanging Man"?


Q. Hi Darryl.
I've been using elliot wave analysis on the SPY and have concluded that the US markets may have begun another major correction, similar to that of 2007-8. The monthly, weekly and daily charts all support this. Price has already started to trend down and has broken trendlines. What do you think?

Forex Trading
Q. Mr Guppy,

Do you teach Forex trading?


mantle mining
Q. what is your trading idea on this stock and cooper oil please

L shaped consolidation pattern what stage are we at today
Q. Daryl
Im not sure I understand at what stage of the L shaped consolidation pattern we are at today.We are passed the head and shoulders.Does that mean we will see markets rise?

Price manipulation
Q. Hi Daryl,

You talked a bit about price manipulation in your book "The 36 Chinese strategies". What I still don't quite get is when the share price starts to move up, why the big players still bother to do some tree-shaking, instead of sitting on auto pilot and let the small players move the price up then dump into the rise?


Trading small/micro caps
Q. Hi Daryl,

What's the best strategy to manager a trade in the small/micro cap stocks?

These shares whipsaw so much I've been finding it so hard to use stops, they can go up and down 30% within minutes during a run, even if I have a trailing stop loss at 30% below I can still get wiped out just to see the share price shoot back up >100% a few minutes later.

But then sometimes they keep on plunging.

I've been stopped out and watch the share price gone back up and more than doubled by the end of the day.

I've also removed my stop and ended up with a >50% loss when the day is over.

How would you trade them?


Term assets growth
A lot of comment is made about what appears to be short term trading and the use of charts.
What do you say about holding stocks in companies with good assets and with proven management rather than short term trades.
For example, Regis (RRL) was trading at 7 cents about three and a half years ago and now its around the plus 2.50 mark.
It defied most of the pundits
I brought in at eight cents and have now made a few million on a relatively modest investment.
I have done this on more than one occasion.
I did not look at trends in charts.
Rather, I have based my investment decisions and criteria on to identifying the capacity of assets to be realized and of course, I follow general world market trends in making these decisions.
My question is this.
What % value do you place on knowledge of a company’s assets and management skills in making investment decisions?

Volatility Trading Vs Trend Trading
Q. Hi Daryl,
You mention in one of the responses to trade the volatility and not the trend. Does this mean the use of trend lines are not suited to this kind of volatile market? Do any of your books focus on the strategies to employ for volatility trading? Which indicators are best for volatility and which should we avoid using in this market? Thanks, Ross

Exit Strategies.
Q. Hi there Daryl,

If you don't mind, could you please explain what type of exit strategies you employ for your position trading?

Thanks in advance,


Overbought/Oversold indicator
Q. Thanks for making yourself available Daryl. I would like your technical opinion on what might be a good indicator to signal a resumption of an established trend following a pullback.

When a slow MA is consistently on one side of a faster one (eg a 13 EMA and a 30 EMA) we get the idea that an uptrend/downtrend is in train. Occasionally we see pullbacks that are golden opportunities to pyramid, or at least take a first entry into the established trend.

My question relates to the use of some kind of oscillator which can alert me to the resumption of the trend.
I trade forex using Daily bars and a couple of similar EMA's as above.

What would be your approach to using/choosing an oscillator or other indicator to pin-point these points of trend resumption?

Thanks in advance


Q. Hi Daryl,
Continued from my previous question.
Q. Hi mate,
when a stock has been in negative distribution on the daily chart but the indicator starts to appreciate is this technically still in distribution or accumulation? or is it only accumulation once the indicator goes positive?

View Daryl's Response
Daryl's Response

It tells you distribution is easing, but this is not necessarily an indication of accumulation. Until confirmed by other factors, this is simply an easing in distribution pressure.

What are these other factors specifically?

Q. Hi mate,
when a stock has been in negative distribution on the daily chart but the indicator starts to appreciate is this technically still in distribution or accumulation? or is it only accumulation once the indicator goes positive?

The Major Indexes Major H+S
Q. A while Back I saw a media statement from you about the Major Head + Shoulders Pattern on the Indexes. At the time you were Bearish and worried the H+S may Create a Major Bear Market. What is your View on that now ??

Regards Dave, aka ChippyDude

Short or Long
Q. Are you Short or Long at the moment?

Or are you Delta Neutral with trades

Or do you undertake risk to gain Yield from writing Options, covered or not.

Regards Dave aka ChippyDude

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