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Investing in Property Management Rights

Geoff Glanville
Geoff's Bio
Geoff Glanville, the founder of RAAS, started his Real Estate career in Queensland in 1970. Geoff has a diverse background, with nearly 40 years in various property endeavours including Licensed real estate agent with over 28 years experience on the Sunshine Coast, Past owner of one of the Sunshine Coast's largest group of franchised offices and Past President of The Sunshine Coast Branch of the REIQ.

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Investing in Property Management Rights

   Geoff has not provided any general advice.

Questions to Geoff

From TopStocks Members

Property Rights
Q. Please would you explain what this involves and the type of investments available.


Q. What financing options are there for PMR.
Is it like a mortgage or do you go to specialist borrowers?

What is Management Rights?
Q. Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is property management rights and why would one invest in something like this?


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